Money saving coming up soon

I finally bit the bullet to buy a replacement phone to GSM unlock it. I will be switching from Tmobile to Mint Sim.
Currently paying $120+/Mo for a single line, 6GB LTE (including phone lease cost). it’s a bit ridiculous. I just paid $170 for the replacement phone, and I will spend $75 TOTAL for 3 months of 10GB data.. if I paid for 3 more months of current service… I’d be spending nearly $380…what the ****?!

I currently have the LG V20, and I love it. but i have the bootloader unlocked and the device rooted. The issue with that is that the T-Mobile Device Unlock app will not run with an unlocked bootloader. Unfortunately, according to Tmobile, the app is the ONLY way to unlock the device, they told me i could unlock it, but said that i HAVE to use the app.

I could re-lock the bootloader, sure! But then, due to being on a newer bootloader version ( currently @ 10s) there is no rolling back to a rootable version.

I just purchased another V20 that will HOPEFULLY be on the older version.
*crosses fingers*