Follow-up on 2018’s money saving post

Well it’s been only a short time hasn’t it?

This is based from the following post:

It’s been almost exactly 3 years, but boy am I glad to have done it. The phone I ordered happens to be the one I still stick with, although I’m quite sure the built-in flash memory and other chips are just giving way over time, as the phone itself can go from GO DO AWESOME THINGS to WAIT UP! in almost an instant. I know I’m due for a new phone.

The company had semi rebranded from MintSIM to now Mint Mobile. To add to that, an owner is none other than Deadpool Ryan Reynolds, and he is one I can’t wait to see what sort of promo ad he comes up with next.


The money I’ve saved by switching is has been so beneficial, especially including this past year with the pandemic and family emergencies cutting right into the budget.

After my initial 3 months on sign up, I have been paying for a full year at a time. I had been changing after each year to lower my monthly data pool, but then about half way through the year I upgrade it again, while only having to pay the increase for the remaining months and not the full year over. the fact that I can dynamically upgrade is fantastic.

Mint Mobile Yearly 8GB plan - $240/yr

They have even since added a new “Unlimited Data” plan that goes right along the pricing scale with the other plans, however I don’t see myself in need of it just yet.

Mint Mobile Plan List

Over the past few years, the data pools have had an increase while keeping the same pricing of the tiers. In fact, my next monthly reset will include a new increase.


What else can I say, really? This service is really good for me, at least in my area up in the Northeast.

I really recommend those of you who have been paying absurd amounts for just a cell service to check Mint Mobile out, for real, here!

Money saving coming up soon

I finally bit the bullet to buy a replacement phone to GSM unlock it. I will be switching from Tmobile to Mint Sim.
Currently paying $120+/Mo for a single line, 6GB LTE (including phone lease cost). it’s a bit ridiculous. I just paid $170 for the replacement phone, and I will spend $75 TOTAL for 3 months of 10GB data.. if I paid for 3 more months of current service… I’d be spending nearly $380…what the ****?!

I currently have the LG V20, and I love it. but i have the bootloader unlocked and the device rooted. The issue with that is that the T-Mobile Device Unlock app will not run with an unlocked bootloader. Unfortunately, according to Tmobile, the app is the ONLY way to unlock the device, they told me i could unlock it, but said that i HAVE to use the app.

I could re-lock the bootloader, sure! But then, due to being on a newer bootloader version ( currently @ 10s) there is no rolling back to a rootable version.

I just purchased another V20 that will HOPEFULLY be on the older version.
*crosses fingers*