About Me


I’m Austin, a fervent tech enthusiast and seasoned problem-solver, captivated by technology since the early days of grade school. My journey began with a curious challenge: making a Windows 95 Packard Bell’s non-functional modem dial out. That early success was more than a triumph; it was the start of a lifelong passion for exploring, understanding, and mastering technology.

Early Influences and Key Milestones:

My path through the world of technology has been marked by a series of engaging projects and learning milestones. From assembling my first custom PC during the Windows XP era to engaging deeply in software and hardware modifications, each step has deepened my understanding and appreciation of technology’s vast potential. My adventures have spanned the realms of console softmodding, custom firmware flashing, Android phone rooting, and even car stereo rewiring, each contributing to my comprehensive skill set.

Distinct Projects and Homelab Evolution:

Apart from my ‘homelab’—a dedicated project that showcases my commitment to continuous learning and exploration—I’ve undertaken numerous individual tech projects. One such endeavor was configuring a Dell Latitude e7450 laptop to dual-boot Windows and macOS Monterey, a testament to my versatility and skill in creating harmonious systems across differing operating environments. My homelab itself is a testament to my technical prowess, featuring an IBM x3650 M2 server at its core and supporting a wide array of services and functionalities, all meticulously organized to serve both practical and innovative needs.

Programming and Scripting:

My technological explorations extend into the realms of programming and scripting, where I’ve honed skills in Python, Node.js, Dart, Flutter, VBA, Bash, and PowerShell. From automating tasks and data extraction to creating custom tools and scripts, my projects leverage programming to solve real-world problems, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency. These endeavors illustrate my commitment to using technology creatively and effectively.


My journey is a continuous path of challenge, discovery, and innovation in the technology landscape. With each new project—be it enhancing my homelab, venturing into new programming languages, or experimenting with the latest tech—I seize the opportunity to learn, grow, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Join me in this adventure of lifelong learning and technological exploration.

Contact Me:

I welcome the opportunity to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, share knowledge, or collaborate on exciting projects. Feel free to reach out at [email protected] or on LinkedIn or follow me on X (Formerly Twitter). Let’s explore the boundless possibilities of technology together.