Evolution of my Home server/lab – Part 2

Part 1

After I got XenServer working, I had set up a VM of the same version of my setup prior (Fedora Server 24).  I wasn’t familiar with docker at the time, so I had OpenVPN and PlexMediaServer installed manually.

I later learned of pfSense router/firewall, however I couldn’t easily set it up until I ordered a NIC.  I ended up hitting up Ebay for a cheap Intel EXPI9402PT Pro/1000 PT Dual Port Gigabit NIC – ~$15. This had to be set up as PCI passthrough for the pfSense VM.

By this time I acquired another gift from work. Dell Precision T3500. I used this only as a test system with VMs (Also had XenServer installed). I couldn’t immediately trust it to be reliable since it was being disposed of. It came with 6GB(3x2GB) of OCZ Gold RAM, and I have since throw those out because they were faulty. I had a bit of fun, and tossed in a GPU for passthrough to a Win 7 VM. Fired up a D3 bot so it could just farm bounties/gear (I had NO desire to attempt any type of leaderboard.)

Dell Precision T3500 – Image from Amazon

I think around this time.. is when I learned of docker. …And let the containers flow in! 

That was pretty much all I stuck with for a while.

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